"Our community is facing its greatest challenges with courage, resolve, and a commitment to emerging better. Let’s set the partisan bickering aside, focus on people, and work together to protect our health, get our economy back on track, and achieve justice for all."

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Daniel Smith has been a social worker for over two decades.  He currently manages the southwest Washington office for Community Health Plan of Washington, a local non-profit.  Daniel has worked on the front lines of building strong communities, has been accountable for public funds, and has worked in a variety of senior leadership capacities in private and public sectors. 

Over the past 20+ years, Daniel has proven that he understands what it takes to build coalitions that work together to solve big problems. Daniel has developed innovative new programs for adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities to live independently and as full members of their communities, created community-based services and implemented cutting edge social service programs.

He has been a leader in Southwest Washington’s efforts to implement a vast number of necessary changes to the health care system to ensure that access to integrated healthcare is not just for some - but for everyone.

Daniel received his BA in Political Science with a minor in Sociology from Baldwin Wallace University in Ohio and his Masters in Social Work from Portland State University. Daniel and his wonderful wife Bethany Rivard raise their two amazing daughters in Vancouver.


In their spare time, Daniel’s family enjoys traveling around the Northwest, hiking, camping, fishing, playing games, reading, completing puzzles and nothing beats a good movie night in their living room.

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