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Health Care Matters - For Everyone

Daniel has spent much of his career focusing on the mental health crisis in our communities and reforming how primary care, mental health and substance use disorder treatment is provided. He is a leader in Southwest Washington’s efforts to implement necessary changes to the health care system to ensure that access to healthcare is not just for some-but for everyone.  Daniel has a deep insight into our homelessness crisis and the needed solutions to work upstream to prevent homelessness while creating more affordable housing and support services. We must do all we can to work together to ensure that everyone has a permanent roof over their heads.  

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Removing Barriers so Families can Thrive

Daniel is a leader in Southwest Washington who fights to increase access to health care by improving health outcomes and lowering the cost of care for all. He has strongly advocated for removing senseless barriers to access that perpetuate health disparities in our communities by bringing comprehensive health care to where people are. Daniel will fight for affordable, high-quality child care and early education so all families have opportunities to thrive.  Daniel’s experience tells a story of how healthy communities are good for business and good for families - and how hard he will fight for all his neighbors to live their lives to their fullest potential.

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Empowering Students and Teachers Every Day

Daniel is a strong champion for all students and educators.  With two children in the Evergreen public schools, he loves, worries about, and supports his children - just like all parents.   


Building Strong Communities

Daniel believes we need to continue to prioritize our most treasured assets-people and the places they live.  Our community deserves to have roads and infrastructure that gets people to where they want to go without endless traffic.  We expect the air we breathe, the water we fish in and lands we explore should be protected and preserved for our kids and generations to follow.  All families deserve to have an opportunity to have good paying jobs, access to affordable child care and some money in their pocket.   Families continue to get squeezed with rising costs of services, often forced to make heartbreaking decisions between health care and paying their bills.  Our communities thrive when we work together, listen to each other, and solve issues that are important to each of us.

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Getting Our Economy on Track

The pandemic has shown too many people are struggling to make ends meet after missing one or two paychecks. Daniel will fight for better pay, affordable child care, and will ensure seniors can retire with dignity and more. Our recovery effort cannot just be helping small businesses survive, we must help provide them with the tools they need to grow and thrive.